Disaster & Risk Management

Disaster & Risk Management Division

A growing number of areas are expected to have increased disaster risk, vulnerability and damages to the impacts of global environmental change and rising numbers of climatic extremes due to rapid economic development, population growth, and overdevelopment in environmentally sensitive areas.

The research of the division is, thus, majorly focused on the assessments of socioeconomic impacts of global environmental change and hazards, the assessments of hazard risks, vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity, as well as providing disaster management and adaptation policy making suggestions. These issues of study encourage to be implemented by transdisciplinary cooperation, intersectional resource incorporation and multihazard approaches. Through the process of research, it facilitates a more comprehensive investigation of the issues and the talent cultivation related to the hazard impacts, hazard risks analysis and disaster management caused by global environmental change.

The findings would also provide helpful direction to support process of relative policy-making. Further, the major research works of our division can be summarized as follows:

  1. Assessments of socioeconomic impacts of global environmental change;
  2. Multihazard risk assessment and disaster management policy analysis;
  3. Assessments of hazard vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity;
  4. Analysis of the incorporation of land-use planning and disaster management mechanism;
  5. Analysis of the adaptation policy to global climate change related disasters.

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