Resource &
Environmental Governance

Resource and Environmental Governance Division

As Taiwan struggled to emancipate from martial law, various social movements vehemently rose in 1980s. Environmental pollution problems also gradually became spotlights to citizens, NGOs and Taiwanese governments. Although these problems tend to be ignored in the pursuit of so called Taiwanese Economic Miracles, many legal scholars and government officers emphasized the importance of environmental policies and legislations more often since 1980s. After then, environmental protection issues spread in the society and profound discussions developed in legal academia.

Environmental protection issues usually have to be considered from many aspects, including economic development, industrial policies, and vertical separation of powers between central and local governments, even international treaties. Hence, it is necessary for individual scholars to take multidisciplinary methods for fruitful dialogue and reciprocal cooperation. Recently, when facing global warming and severe challenges incurred by climate change, researchers of different backgrounds need to tackle with environmental protection, energy transition, and resource utilization as a whole. These phenomena demonstrate that distinction of local governance and global macro perspective are both indispensable to future study.

This division will therefore focus on investigating critical resource and environmental issues of Taiwan in its initial period. It will announce policy proposals, research reports, and introduce the latest academic point of views from abroad. This division will also explore feasible strategies and possible roles for our governments. Together with this center, all members of this division expect any kinds of academic cooperation in campus and beyond this country’s networks.


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