The CGCSS’s main missions are:

  • Promote inter-disciplinary researches on global change and sustainability science, particularly the human dimension researches
  • Expand and integrate relevant research resources and facilities effectively
  • Carry out the national and international research projects in global change and sustainability science
  • Provide sustainability and global change consulting services for public agencies and private enterprises
  • Train talent for research on global change and sustainability science
  • Serve as a platform of excellence for international academic interaction and research cooperation
Global environmental change is one of the greatest threats facing the planet. Growing evidence in the recent years indicates that increasing temperatures in various regions and increasing frequencies of extreme weather events have caused damages to human life, property, infrastructure, biological diversity, and the ecosystems. To effectively respond to this most critical challenge to human society, there is a need for a comprehensive understanding of the driving forces and impacts of global change, as well as the mitigation and adaptation strategies.

To cope with this need, National Taipei University (NTPU) established the Center for Global Change and Sustainability Science (CGCSS). The CGCSS, officially launched in August 2012, is dedicated to the inter-disciplinary researches on global change and sustainability science. The CGCSS has a director, an executive secretary, research fellows, and an advisory committee. In order to facilitate the function of research group and promote integrated research, the CGCSS currently includes five research divisions, namely, resource & environmental governance division, spatial planning division, global environmental change & industrial transformation division, urbanization & global environmental change division, and disaster & risk management division.