Ying-Chieh Lee (National Taipei University); Graduated

Dissertation:The Effects of Land Use Change on Agricultural Landscape and its Ecosystem Services in Taiwan’s Western Coastal Plain


Pei-Shan Lin (National Taiwan University); Graduated
Dissertation:Re-explore Human-environment Relations from a Social Network Perspective on Natural Resource Governance in Indigenous Areas: A Case Study of Local River Conservation Project and the Promotion of Meqmegi Natural and Cultural Eco-landscape Area in Tongmen Village, Hualien County, Taiwan


Ying-Chen Lin (National Taipei University); Graduated
Dissertation:Effects of Taiwan Food Production and Consumption Pattern Change on Environmental Sustainability


Li-Fang Chang (National Taipei University); Graduated
Dissertation:Spatial Analysis and Emergy Evaluation of Urban Vulnerability Assessment: A Case Study of Flooding in Taiwan’s Western Coastal Plain