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Yu-Shan Chen is a professor in Business Administration Department of National Taipei University. Speaking of his education background, he got his Ph.D. and master degrees in business administration department of National Chengchi University, Taiwan. Besides, he got the bachelor degree in applied mathematics department of National Chiao Tung University and the diploma in electronics engineering department of National Kaohsiung Institute of Technology. Hence, Dr. Chen is an interdisciplinary scholar with diversified background. In addition, his research interests focus on green environmental management, patent analysis, strategic management, and technology management. He had already published 32 SSCI journal papers and 2 EI journal papers.

Yu-Shan Chen is the executive editor of Journal of Business Administration. He takes charge of the routine edition of this journal right now. Besides, Dr. Chen is busily engaged in other professional services. For example, he is assigned to the reviewers of 12 SSCI journals and 1 EI journal. In addition, he is appointed to the guest editor of the special issue: ‘the Trends of Green Environmental Management’ on Commerce & Management Quarterly and the book editor of ‘The Development of Green Environmental Management’ in 2010. Furthermore, he is selected as one of the committee members of 2011 Taiwan CSR Awards. Thus, Dr. Chen is very keen on the professional services in the academic communities.

Regarding Dr. Chen’s scholar career internationally, he frequently visited US, Canada, Singapore, Japan, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, and other countries to present his international conference papers and to discuss with other professors. In order to expand his global vision, Dr. Chen applied and then got 2008 Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellowship. He undertook his Fulbright Post-Doctoral Study in Harvard Law School to explore the influences of international environmental laws upon corporate strategies. Based on his doctoral dissertation and post-doctoral research, he continues to develop new concepts of green management. As a result, he does not only proposes several novel concepts of green management, such as green innovation, green trust, green core competence, green brand equity, green intellectual capital, and green dynamic capabilities, but also publish these original concepts of green management in the prestigious SSCI journals.

Dr. Chen receives several awards or honors in his research career. For instance, he got Excellent Master Thesis Award of Chinese Finance Association in 1999 and both of Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Awards of Vivian Wu Foundation and Tai-San Culture Foundation in 2004. Besides, he received Excellent Research Award for Junior Scholar of National Yunlin University of Science & Technology in 2008. Furthermore, he got Excellent Research Award of National Taipei University in 2010 and 2011. In addition, Dr. Chen received Excellent Youth Award of New Taipei City in 2012. Dr. Chen continues to undertake the advanced research in management field in order to develop more original managerial concepts.

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